From fresh to long shelf life, always of the best quality

Do you need provisions on board? Bas van der Pol Ship Chandlers can provide you with all your groceries in addition to luxury items, ship’s supplies and cleaning products. Easily ordered and quickly delivered. You can place your orders with us 24/7. After your order we will process it as soon as possible, so you will have your products on board quickly.

Wide range of products

We have a wide range of products in our warehouses, enabling us to deliver quickly to the ports of IJmuiden, Beverwijk, Zaandam and Amsterdam. Of course we also serve the other ports in the Netherlands and we can even take it offshore if that is your wish.


  • Fresh bread and bake-off products
  • Fresh dairy products and long-life alternatives
  • Wide assortment of meat, poultry and (fresh) fish
  • Cheese, cold cuts and fast food products
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Wide assortment tinned meat, fish, fruits and vegetables
  • Dried products e.g. flour, rice, pastas, spices
  • Wide assortment of international specialties: Asian, Indonesian, Mediterranean etc.
  • Dutch specialties (e.g. hagelslag, stroopwafels, speculaas, bitterballen, drop)

Bas van der Pol Ship Chandlers can deliver everything you need. In different qualities and of all price levels! Simply place your order or wishes and we will get straight to work for you. So that you have your order quickly on board.

Bas van der Pol Ship Chandlers is a member of the NVVS and ISSA.