Now that we’re living in a difficult time. With the coronavirus gripping around. it’s especially important to have good hygiene measures on board. After all, the COVID-19 virus has major consequences for our daily lives. Also on board where we work together in a small space. That is why we have included Clean Co’s disinfecting and antibacterial products in our range.

Measures that can be taken

A number of measures can be taken to prevent further spread on the ship as much as possible:

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Can’t you wash your hands? Use Clean Co hand gel
  • Don’t come near people and colleagues with flu symptoms
  • Sneeze in your elbow or in a paper handkerchief
  • Don’t put too much on your face
  • Regularly clean your keyboard and desktop after use
  • Ventilate the areas well
  • Disinfect door handles, railings and taps after use

Other tips can be found on the RIVM website.

Clean Co

Clean Co

In the assortment of Bas van der Pol Ship Chandlers are several disinfection products available from Clean Co. Now that we are in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, it is very wise to use these products on board.

Amongst others, we have the following products in our assortment:

  • Antibacterial disinfecting wet wipes
  • Disinfecting surface cleaner (75% alcohol)
  • Disinfecting hand gel (70% alcohol)

Order quickly from Bas van der Pol, because this way you maintain your hygiene. Wherever you are, with these disinfecting cleaners and gel from Clean Co. Do you have any questions or remarks? Please contact us. Our team is at your service.